Report 2010-2013

Activities led by the Institute of Private International Law as of its creation in 2010 till the middle of 2013


Even before its formal setting up, the core specialists of Institute of Private International Law have established a centre of academic excellence. This centre has been created under the guidance of PhD Prof. Nikolay Natov. The future members of the Institute regularly organized scientific discussions dating back to 2007. As a result of these meetings, several seminars on specialized Private International Law topics were held by the future members of the Institute in the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010. As a result of the coordinated efforts of these specialists few editions on Private International Law topics were effected and namely – in 2008 was published a book with name – “Private International Law and related provisions of Part Seven to Civil Procedure Code in the light of the Sources of EU Law”; in June 2009 – Commentary on Regulation Rome I – although in Bulgarian language it was the first thorough edition on the new Private International Law regulation in EU.


Next period of activities of the Institute started after its official registration by Sofia City Court on November, 1 st 2010.


  • As of its formal registration the Institute has applied and participated in three projects – two international and one internal. The international projects are:
    – The Application of Regulations Rome I, Rome II and Regulation ( EC ) 4/2009 by Legal Practitioners in Southern Europe – EUROME – a project of the European Commission – part of Civil Justice Program. The Institute is the leading partner for Bulgaria and has already hosted in October 2011 and in January 2012 the first and second seminars on Regulation Rome IV and on Regulation Rome I. Significant support for the participation of the Institute in EUROME project has been provided by PhD Prof. Evangelos Vassilakakis. Leading foreign partner is the Association "Technopolis" of Thessaloniki , Greece; the other partners are the Council of the Bar of Malta , Universities of Valencia, Spain, Genoa , Italy and Istanbul , Turkey.
    – Project: JUST/2010/JCIV/AG/0001/ "Removing obstacles to access to (e)Justice through mediation in Europe: ensuring enforcement and a smooth cooperation with judicial and non-judicial authorities". The Institute is partner for Bulgaria and has already contributed by filling the requested questionnaire on cross border mediation. The work on the project continues in 2012.
    – The internal Bulgarian project is hosted by Sofia University St . Kliment Ohridski. The project is for drafting a book on specialized scientific topic. The Institute has applied with proposal to prepare a Commentary on Regulation Rome IV. The Institute’s proposal has been approved, but due to administrative discrepancies in Sofia University St . Kliment Ohridski the project cannot be realized until 2012.

  • The Institute also offers training in various aspects of Private International Law - both national and of the EU. A training course for lawyers from the Metropolitan Municipality - Department " Architecture and Urban Planning" was held in June – July 2011 on topics in European Union Law - both general issues and specific private international law matters .

  • After the held in June - July 2010 Scientific Conference on "Regulation Brussels I", the members proceeded to write a commentary on this most important EU Private International Law source. After the necessary time to analyze this act of EU law, the rich practice of CJEC/ECJ on it and abundant literature in the languages ​​of most Member States, the draft commentary was completed in 2011. The work of the Institute examines the provisions of the Regulation in connection with the Bulgarian legislation and jurisprudence in the field of relations, subject of "Brussels I". The work is targeted at the Bulgarian lawyers - both students and researchers and practitioners in civil and commercial cases having cross-border implications, whereas the authors’ desire is to clarify the content, sense and spirit of the provisions of the Regulation, related to jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments, court settlements and authentic instruments. As at the end of 2011, the Commentary was finished and edited by Prof. Dr. Nikolay Natov, whereas it will be published in 2012. The estimated volume of the book is 7 50-800 pages.

  • The Institute has also contributed to the Yearbook of Private International Law 2011 edited by of Prof. Andrea Bonomi – Swiss Confederation.

  • In 2011, the Institute has accepted the kind invitation of lecturers in Private International Law from University of Thessaloniki, and in particular - Professor E. Vasilakakis, and participated in joint research publication entitled "Application of foreign law." The work was elaborated together with colleagues from similar organizations from all Member States of the EU under the joint editorship of Professors Carlos Esplugues, Jose Iglesias and Guillermo Palao - Valencia. The book is in English, with a volume of 409 pages, entitled "Application of Foreign Law", deluxe edition hardback of one of the most famous European publishers of legal literature - Sellier Munich, Germany (Sellier, European Law Publishers , Munich) and released in early 2011

  • In 2012 the Institute of Private International Law together with similar organizations as well as Universities from all EU Member-states participate the preparation of a comparative analysis of the mediation. It was published by Intersentia at the end of that year (in English) and deals with the regime of domestic mediation within 27 EU Member-states.

  • The Institute of Private International Law works on a Commentary of the EU Regulation “Brussels II bis” (in Bulgarian).

  • In May 2013 the Institute finalized the analyses of the cross-border mediation under the Bulgarian legislation. It is going to be published – together with similar analyses prepared by all other Member-states, by the end of 2013.