Future projects

On the General Meeting of members of the Institute of Private International Law, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on December, 23 rd 2011, several priorities being in the basis of the Program for activities in 2012-2013 have been adopted and namely:


  • Scientific works in Bulgarian language
    – drafting and publishing Commentary on Regulation Brussels II bis (2201/2003); finalization of Sofia University’s project for editing a Commentary on Regulation Rome IV (4/2009) in Bulgarian language;


  • Scientific works abroad:

    – preparation of contribution in the future edition in the ambit of the EU project on cross border mediation(Mediation in the European Union). A joint development by research teams of the 27 Member States which will introduce the regulation of mediation in each of them and its application to disputes with domestic and international nature. The deadline for completion of this project is November 2012.


  • Preparation of a manual in English language as a part of EUROME project;

  • Facilitation of Bulgarian judicial authorities in applying foreign law – the Institute has sent in 2011 letters to all major Bulgarian courts offering its specialized help on the said topic. One District court has already appointed as expert witness in pending law suit the President of the Board – PhD Prof. Natov ;


  • Participation in Bulgaria and abroad in scientific events:
    – Organization and holding a third seminar under EUROME project in March 2012 regarding the application of Regulation Rome II;
    – Members of the Institute shall participate in an international workshop with colleagues from Thessaloniki which will be held in Greece;
    – In May 2012, in Malta, members of the Institute will participate in a project meeting of the partners in cross border mediation project;
    – Members of the Institute will take part in 75th ILA (International Law Association) Conference that will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria 26-30 August 2012.
    – The Institute of Private International Law will be one of the 27 research units from all EU Member-states that shall publish a comparative study on Cross-border mediation within the European Union. The book is going to be released by the end of 2013 by Intersentia.
    – By the end of 2013 shall be released for publication the Commentary of the EU Regulation “Brussels II bis” – in Bulgarian language with Bulgarian courts’ practice in the field. An international conference will take place in Sofia on the above topic – period November-December 2013.
    - At the beginning of 2014 the Institute shall be ready with the first version of the “Law of International Trade” – a text-book for LLM students of the international business relations to the Law Faculty of Sofia University. An international conference will take place in Sofia on the above topic – period March-April 2014.